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Best Disc Golf Discs Comparison Table

Disc Name Type of Shot Skill Level
Discraft Avenger SS Backhand Drive Beginner
Innova Destroyer Backhand Drive Beginner - Advanced
Innova Firebird Flick Beginner
Nitro by MVP Disc Sports Flick Beginner - Advanced
Feb 14 2022

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What are the best golf discs for beginners?

The 21 Best Discs of 2021 Our #1 pick: Discmania DD3 Eagle McMahon “Cloudbreaker 2” – Distance Driver The Cloudbreaker 2 has been by far the most popular disc of 2020 due to the continued success of disc golf pro Eagle McMahon. You may have trouble getting one of these right away since it’s been so crazy popular.

What is the best golf disc?

Nov 18, 2021 · Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Disc Golf Discs For 2021 DGA Disc Golf Starter Set Innova Champion Disc Golf Set Kestrel Disc Golf Pro Set Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set Disc Golf Starter Set Our reviews of the top rated disc golf discs with our buyers guide and comparison table will help you to choose the right set for you. Disc Golf Disc Reviews

Which disc golf brand is best?

6 rows · 1 Best Disc Golf Discs Comparison Table; 2 Best Distance Drivers - Maximize Distance. 2.1 1. ...

How to choose disc golf discs for beginners?

If you’re new to disc golf check out our beginner friendly disc golf section. If you’re a seasoned pro and a regular of Disc Store, we recommend the new releases, tour series, and limited edition discs sections. We carry all the top brands including Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs and more. If you’re looking for product advice, please reach out and we are more than happy to help.


What is the best disc golf brand?

Disc golf brands may not be as well known in the popular culture as Callaway, Titleist and Cobra, but the sport does have top quality brands. Innova is one of the best and most popular disc golf manufacturers on the market. The company offers dozens of disc designs for everyone from beginners to experts.

What is disc golf?

Disc golf, sometimes called frisbee golf is a sport that is in many ways nearly identical to golf. However, instead of shooting a ball with a club toward a hole on a grass course, you throw a plastic disc through the air toward a metal basket target. Courses usually have nine or 18 holes with trees as obstacles.

What are the discs in a disc golf set?

Each set includes the four discs every beginner needs: one putter, a midrange disc, a distance driver, and a mini disc. Larger sets also include a high-speed driver and a fairway. While reviewers have noted that this set includes discs that are geared toward more advanced players, it's worth buying the bigger set at an affordable price for your budding disc golfer to grow into.

How big is the Innova disc golf disc?

It’s not just the galactic pattern color that will make kids love the Innova Disc Golf Mini Glo Disc. This small disc, weighing only 25 grams, is about four inches in diameter, putting it directly in between the size of a regular disc golf disc and a standard mini disc. Young children will have a much easier time throwing this smaller and lighter disc that is still made to proper specifications.

What is the most popular disc of 2020?

The Cloudbreaker 2 has been by far the most popular disc of 2020 due to the continued success of disc golf pro Eagle McMahon. You may have trouble getting one of these right away since it’s been so crazy popular. The flight ratings of 12, 5, -1, 3 make it fairly similar to the Discraft Zeus from our 2020 list.

Is the Inca a good disc?

The Inca has been a really solid addition to the Infinite Discs line in 2020. Up to 2021, this mid-range has been very popular in the #discgolfcommunity. With flight ratings of 5, 5, 0, 3, this disc can really replace any upshot disc in your bag with a super reliable fade.

Is disc golf going to be restocked in 2021?

But as we move into 2021, there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel: professional disc golf is going strong, disc golf stores are finally getting restocked, and more new discs are coming out monthly. I’m excited for 2021. Because the discs on this list are only a small highlight of what’s to come.

When will the bounty be released?

The Bounty was Introduced as a 2020 Trilogy Challenge disc. The Bounty was released right at the end of 2020 on 11/05/2020 and looks to be a great new disc for Dynamic.

What is the Buzzz disc?

The Buzzz is infamous in the disc golf world and has a reputation of being an easy to throw disc with a history of ace runs. I didn’t really like the Buzzz when I first started playing with it, but it has definitely grown on me. With its sticky grip, and beadless rim, it’s one of my three go-to mid-range discs.

How many compass points does Innova Atlas have?

Innova uses 4 “compass points” on this new disc to secure the two pieces of plastic together. It’s an insane mold that works really well together. Check the current price of the Innova Atlas here on

Is the River a good disc?

The River is a really good choice for beginners because of the low speed, superior glide, good understable turn, and small amount of fade. This disc will get you easy distance if you don’t quite have the arm for a high speed disc. It’s easy to control and tends to fly ridiculously straight.

What is disc golf?

Disc golf is a game of skill, patience, and precision. It can be both incredibly frustrating and exciting—sometimes simultaneously. In order to play the game right, you need the best disc golf discs.

What is disc golf rating?

Disc golf disc ratings are the shorthand way of knowing what you’re throwing, so to speak. There are three main systems of disc ratings: the Four-number rating system, the Virbam system, and the Discraft system. The first is used by many reputable and prolific manufacturers, and is by far the most common.

How many glide ratings are there on a disc?

The higher the number, the longer a disc will stay in the air. Discs are given glide ratings of one through seven.

What is the best disc golf starter set?

Kestrel’s discs are comparable to Innova or Discraft Elite Z, but are less expensive. The Kestrel is probably the best disc golf starter set.

How much does a disc weigh?

Discs weigh between 150 and 180 grams. While the heavier discs might feel more natural or intuitive, beginners should really steer clear of them. The heavier a disc, the more difficult it is to control.For more experienced players, heavy discs are useful for fighting wind resistance and increasing velocity.

Is putting important in golf?

Just as in traditional golf, putting is very important. You may be able to throw long distance to get your discs near the target, but if you don’t have a precision short-throw to reach the target from a closer distance, reducing your average score can be difficult.

How to tell if disc golf is stable?

If you throw right-handed, an understable disc will have a tendency to curve toward the right. The harder you throw the more it will turn. If you are throwing an overstable disc, the disc will usually curve towards the left. Once again, the harder you throw the more dramatic the turn. However, it’s important to know that you can use these discs’ features to your advantage.

What discs are good for forehand golf?

The next disc on our list is the Innova Firebird! This disc is one of the best discs for forehand drivers that are looking for distance and it's very easy to throw! Along with this, it's probably one of the best disc golf discs for immediate players and is extremely popular due to how easy it is to pick up. This overstable disc is perfect for forehand shots because of its weighted rim which helps to increase the stability and reduce wobble, while adding a great grip. This is a pretty heavy disc to throw which makes it a great choice for forehand drives because this added weight on the perimeter of the disc maximizes the gyroscopic stabilization effect which helps to keep this disc straight flight down the fairway. If you're looking for a disc that can simply fly straight no matter the arm speed, then these discs are a great choice for beginners or advanced players alike, so put it in your bag! No more going on a search to find your discs, this thing will be right in the fairway, very predictable. Buying this disc will be great for your disc golf score for new players and experienced alike!

How heavy is the Innova disc golf disc?

In fact, four time PDGA Champion Paul Mcbeth features 6 different Innova Destroyer golf discs in his bag! This overstable disc is decently heavy at 160g-175g which definitely makes it optimal for experienced disc golfer with a high release velocity which allows for maximum distance and isn't affected by the wind quite as much! Along with being good for wind shots, the weight also adds great power. These discs are popular because they are pretty easy to pick up, and are an excellent choice and will add a lot to your disc golf game! I would suggest buying this disc, because it has something for everyone!

What is a Nitro disc?

This Nitro by MVP Disc Sports is a unique state of the art disc created for stability, which makes it perfect for forehand throws. This disc is slightly different than your standard disc because the center of the disc is made of extremely thin plastic, and the majority of the weight is in the rim. This allows the disc to be overstable and really increases the stability more so than a traditional disc. It makes it a little more difficult to throw, but it's one of the best disc golf discs for advanced players available and really allows for maximum distance as well. On a side note, I love the purple color of the featured image above, but these discs also come in a few different colors which make it great for playing in Autumn, so you can easily identify your disc. As an advanced player, if you are looking for additional discs to add some range for your disc golf game and you have some experience, I suggest you give this popular disc a shot... People will be impressed with your drive, this thing really flies.

What is infinite disc?

A relatively new brand in the industry, Infinite Discs started out simply as a disc marketplace. They quickly grew to the biggest online disc golf disc marketplace in the world, and decided to get into disc manufacturing as well. They quickly found some success and started their own team. One of my favorite discs from Infinite is the Mantra distance driver.

What is a Buzzz disc?

Commonly described as a "mid-range" disc, this disc is a jack of all trades and allows you to get more distance and control than a traditional mid-range disc.

What is the best disc golf disc?

Discraft’s Buzzz is the most popular and best disc golf disc on the market, period. It is consistent, reliable and easy to control. The Buzzz comes in many plastic variations and is a stable to understable disc, which will hold any line you put it on.

What is a tremor disc?

DGA’s Tremor is an understable midrange disc with decent glide and a mild fade. The Tremor holds true for straight to anhyzer lines. It has flippy tendencies and its high glide allows for lower arm speeds to throw maximum distance on a straight line.

What is a Ruby putter?

Latitude 64’s Ruby is a solid understable putter perfect for new players. Coined by Latitude 64 as one of its “easy to use” line discs. The Ruby allows beginner throwers to avoid the low-speed fade. On further, higher power throws, the Ruby will flip up from a hyzer and hold its line (RHBH).

What is a magnet putter?

The Magnet is considered to be Discrafts “Flagship putter.”. It is also one of the oldest, most reliable, and widely used putters in disc golf. It has a narrow rim and shorter than most putters. The Magnet is a stable flying disc with a slower speed and a consistent mild fade at the end.

What is the latest version of Mako?

Innova’s Mako3 is the latest version of Innova’s super straight flying Mako. The Mako3 is a stable, slightly faster version of the original and is a great choice for players looking for a straight flight with limited fade and turn. The Mako3 flies true to the angle thrown and is a great mid-range that goes exactly where you want it to go. Check it out here!

Where is Evan Reser?

Evan Reser is a video content producer at Disc Store, currently residing in Omaha, Nebraska. Graduated with a film & video degree from Washburn University in his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. He has been playing disc golf since 2000.


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  • Flight ratings: 13, 5, -1, 2 Nickname:5-0 (Five Oh) Before I even say anything else, go pick one of these up. I’m particularly fond of this disc because of my background in law enforcement. This is my all-time favorite driver. You can get one here on Upon picking this disc up, it has a very shallow rim which makes it easy to grip. So the ability to grip this disc makes it one o…
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  • Flight ratings: 5, 6, -1, 0 Nickname:The Womb (yes, I know it sounds totally gross) As far as the plastic goes on this disc, it feels really good to throw. The disc is right in the middle of stiff and floppy, which gives it a very nice grippy throw when released. The Wombat3 is a little bit stiffer but still throws about the same. If you want to ch...
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  • Flight ratings: 4, 3, 0, 2 Nickname:butter (because this disc throws as smooth as a hot knife through butter) I will just go ahead and say that I freaking love this disc. It is very sturdy, which is what I like in a putter, but still has a soft-ish feel to it. Definitely one of the weirdest discs I’ve felt. But this unique feel and mold makes the Harp really stand out to me. After a pretty extensive am…
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  • So, We’ve reached the end of this post and hopefully I’ve persuaded you to go out and get a few new discs. If not, think about it. If you had a few of these historic champions floating around, you might just be able to reach the top of your disc golf game. Now who wouldn’t want that?
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