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What is the difference between the Titleist golf balls?

The differences between Pro V1, Pro V1x, and AVX can be boiled down to flight, spin, and feel. Pro V1 delivers optimal flight (a penetrating flight) and spin for most golfers with a very soft feel. Compared to Pro V1, Pro V1x will fly higher, spin more through the bag, and feel firmer.

How many types of golf balls does Titleist make?

After 86 years, this brand owned more than 1600 intellectual patents and produced a million golf balls. Besides the well-known Pro V1 and Pro V1x, many Titleist balls are loved by many kinds of players....Product Specifications:Cover MaterialUrethane ElastomerNumber of Dimples3883 more rows•Dec 31, 2021

Which is better Pro V1 or AVX?

The Titleist AVX and Pro V1 are both great golf balls, but the Pro V1 tends to be a better fit for a more significant majority of players. If you are an average or above swing speed player who can appreciate performance from both the tee and the green, the Titleist Pro V1 is the best overall option to consider.

Which is longer Pro V1 or AVX?

Overall I found that my carry and total distance was longer with AVX balls. On wedge shots, the AVX carried only 2 degrees further than the Pro V1x. While longer shots saw the AVX carry an average of 8 yards longer.

Which Titleist ball goes the farthest?

We discovered that the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are the undisputed champs as far as distance golf balls go. Golf balls should prioritize essential factors such as spin, control, and feel.

Is Titleist Pro V1 a soft ball?

One key area in the success of the Titleist Pro V1 was its soft feel. Titleist says that the current generation of Pro V1's has the softest cover they have ever used.

What player is Titleist AVX for?

You might not know it, but Titleist have more than just the Pro V1 range to offer in the premium ball market. Let me introduce you to the AVX, which stands for 'Alternative to V and X' and is aimed at golfers who want to play a Pro V1 but the numbers don't quite stack up for them.

Do any tour players use the Titleist AVX?

Nope. In terms of launch and spin profiles, Left Dot fits between Pro V1 and AVX. Moreover, Pro V1 Left Dot is played on the PGA TOUR every week. AVX is not.

Is Titleist AVX a good ball for seniors?

Overall the Titleist AVX golf ball has an impressive feel and incredibly low long game spin. For golfers that have played the Pro V1 or Pro V1x their entire golfing lives, this is an excellent option for seniors in search of distance.

What is the difference between Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

The AVX and Pro V1 are three-piece golf balls; the Pro V1x is a four-piece golf ball. All three golf balls are premium tour-quality golf ball options that will work for the most demanding players. The compression of the Pro V1x is higher than the Pro V1, and the Pro V1 is higher than the AVX.

How many different golf balls are there?

As a general rule, golf balls will fall into four different categories: tour performance, tour value, straight distance, and soft distance. Tour performance balls are built for scratch golfers, tour value is for low to mid handicaps, and straight/soft distance is for high handicap golfers.

How many golf ball manufacturers are there?

Six of the seven major golf ball brands are made in the United States. Some brands, like Nike, will outsource their ball production to another manufacturer like Bridgestone.

When did Titleist stop making wound balls?

2001By the end of 2001, not a single tournament champion on any of the world's major professional tours had won using a wound ball; the rout was so comprehensive that Titleist stopped making them at all.

What is the number one golf ball on tour?

Titleist likes to remind us that that the Pro V1 is the No 1 ball used by professionals on worldwide golf tours, but that it's a great ball for non-superstars as well. The ball is manufactured to perfectly balance short game control without sacrificing good yardage from the tee.

Why do golf balls consist of varying colors?

Although the vast majority of Titleist golf balls are white, the company does make balls of other solid colors. Bright yellow and orange Titleist g...

Why are X-out Titleist golf balls so much cheaper than other models?

An X-out golf ball is any ball the manufacturer deems is not up to its standards. A Titleist X-out ball will have Xs printed on it or may just have...

Why does Titleist sell “high numbers” and “standard numbers” golf balls?

The number refers to the ball number printed underneath the Titleist name on the ball. These numbers only serve as a means of identifying your ball...

Do golf balls differ for men, women, and youth players?

Not really. Some golf balls may be marketed as women’s balls or youth balls. (Titleist does not market gender specific golf balls.) It’s more impor...

What is a Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball?

The all new Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is built with Titleist’s largest core ever and a 4CE grafted cover to provide category leading soft feel, very fast speed for commanding distance and excellent short game performance. Available in white and high optic yellow.

What is a golf ball?

The Golf Ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot and Titleist have got that just right with there vast range of golf balls that have been designed for every player and ability in the game of golf. This article shall give you all the information and details you need to help give you a professional, ...

What is the number 1 golf ball?

The No.#1 Ball played on Tour. This is Titleist’s trademark product for which many of us know the brand for. The ProV1 is a Tour Performance Golf Ball designed to make a difference in your game. More short game spin and control with even softer feel, penetrating trajectory for exceptional distance, and long-lasting durability, ...

What is the new Titleist AVX?

AVX is a premium performance golf ball for golfers who prioritise distance and extremely soft feel with a piercing, low ball flight. It has been engineered to be the lowest flying, lowest spinning and softest feeling high performance golf ball in the Titleist line.

Golf ball components

The core of a golf ball delivers the power for the shot. It absorbs and then releases the energy from the club strike. Cores typically consist of a synthetic rubber and polymer combination. The Titleist Pro V1 has one of the largest cores available among all golf balls, for example, delivering consistent distance and accuracy.


Here are a few features to consider when comparing different types of Titleist golf balls.

Titleist golf ball prices

New Titleist golf balls aren’t cheap. If you’re someone who likes to purchase balls that the local kid dug out of the lake while you’re on the course, you may be somewhat surprised by the prices.


Here are some tips to help you better enjoy using your Titleist golf ball on the course.

Other products we considered

Golfers of nearly all experience levels can find a model of Titleist golf ball in our matrix that fits their individual swing and game. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, here are some other balls we considered.

Pro V1

The flagship model, this has been one of the best premium golf balls since its release all the way back in the year 2000.

Pro V1x

Before discussing the different options in the range, I went through the whole golf ball fitting process with Tom and it was the Pro V1x that was best suited to the way I delivered the club to the ball. You can watch that golf ball fitting video here.

Pro V1x Left Dash

A ball that a lot of people won't be familiar with, the Pro V1x left dash is a prototype Pro V1x that has been available to tour players for a few years, and now everyday golfers can get their hands on them.

Tour Speed

Moving out of the premium range, we start with the Titleist Tour Speed.

Tour Soft

The clue is in the title with this one. Relative to Tour Speed, this is a softer-feeling ball, which will be a big preference for a lot of golfers out there. And it also comes with a handy alignment aid that's already proven to be a big hit.


While most would class this as a "distance golf ball", it's important to remember that Titleist says that all eight of the models in its' range are distance balls.


Last but not least, this is the softest ball in the range in terms of compression. Many golfers will be familiar with TruFeel but who exactly is it aimed at?

Who is the manager of Titleist Golf Ball Fitting?

In case you missed it, Titleist's Manager of Golf Ball Fitting & Education, Michael Rich , recently spent time fielding golf ball related questions from Team Titleist members on our discussion boards . When experiencing a Titleist golf ball fitting anywhere in the world, Michael is the liaison between our Golf Ball R&D Team and our extended fitting team to ensure our fitters are providing a world-class fitting experience to each and every golfer.

Is every golf ball different?

Every golf ball is designed to perform differently. Additionally, you will see significant differences in terms of quality from manufacturer to manufacturer. My biggest piece of advice to someone fairly new to the game is to find a golf ball that you like in terms of performance and feel, and commit to playing that golf ball exclusively.

What are the different types of golf balls?

Types Of Golf Spin Balls. Golf balls are specially created with 3 different types of spins. It includes low spins, mid spins, and high spins. This refers to the backspin that’s transmitted using the loft of the golf club.

What is the cover material of a golf ball?

The modern golf ball consists of mainly 2 types of cover materials. This includes the surlyn cover and the urethane composition. - Surlyn: Its commonly used cover and is an ionomer resin made by DuPont. It has a slightly harder feel and is scratch-resistant and durable.

What is the compression rating of a golf ball?

On average, most of the golf balls' compression rating lies between 50 and 100.

What does impact do to a golf ball?

When you hit the golf ball, the impact determines the velocity, spin rate, and launching angle of the ball. Some balls are specially created to maximize the distance with the help of shorter clubs, whereas some increase the distance using the driver.

What is high spin golf ball?

High Spin Golf Balls: High spinning balls are mainly designed to enhance the ball's spin-off in the air. When you hit a golf ball, it’s released into the air with a sufficient degree of backspin. This ball can further increase this backspin, thereby creating a longer carrying distance.

What is the innermost mantle of a golf ball?

The innermost mantle has a soft feel and gives low spins using long irons to provide great distances and high flights. The semi-firm mid mantle takes care of mid spins and mid launches using the middle irons. The outer mantle delivers optimum spins using short irons to get the ball to stop quickly.

Why do golf balls have multiple layers?

This is because it provides the players with a complete package. The multiple layers function well with one another to provide optimum spin, feel, and distance. Each layer gets activated depending on your swing speed and the club you are using.

STEP 1: Visit the Golf Ball Selector Tool

When you visit Titleist’s online golf ball selector tool, you'll be prompted to respond to several questions about your current game, your goals and your preferences. The objective is to find the best golf ball for you to use.

STEP 2: Compare Golf Balls On The Course

Once the selector tool has recommended two golf balls to test, the next step is to play golf! Take your recommended golf ball and alternate golf ball models to the golf course for an on-course evaluation. This is the fun part. Now, you’ll get to compare golf ball performance side-by-side to determine the best golf ball for your game.

STEP 3: Play Your Best Golf Ball Model

Trust the outcome of your on-course golf ball evaluation. Use the same model golf ball on every shot of every round you play. This will eliminate a degree of variation that you would experience if you play a hodge-podge of different golf balls.



Team Titleist said

There are many different paths to go down within the Ball Fitting matrix and some of them, depending on how you answer the questions do indeed lead you to NXT Tour, NXT or DT SoLo results.

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